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Know How to study science,Tips For Final Board Exam

If you are search about how to study science so i am going to share with you some tips that help you to study science in effective way. In this post, we are going to see what you should keep in mind while studying science. Because of which you can complete the syllabus of your science subject in the least time and comfortably and can  study  well with full concentration. So I will tell you five such tips with which you can study science comfortably. 

How to study science

Whether you are a student of class 10, whether in class 12 or any class, while studying science, these five tips will help you to get good score in science as well as improving your interests in science .

  • Goal Setting : By Goal Setting, I mean that when you sit for study, you have to set this target that today I will read so much chapter or today I will get up after reading so much content.This thing will do the work of positive motivation and will push you that we have to study till then. Until my target is achieved.

  • Read book followed by your boardIf you are a student of board exam, then it is very important that you must read the book which has been set by your board. Because the paper that is going to come in your final exam will be made by following the same book. Therefore it is very important that you focus more on that book rather than wasting your time on another books .So it is very important that the book that has been followed by your board should be on your tips. Whatever topic is given in that book, you have to read it well, if you do not understand any  topic , then you can take reference of another book. Understand whatever example or diagram is given in that book. 

  • Avoid Multiple reference books :What many students do is read multiple reference books, they feel that they are more helpful for them. Let's assume that reading from a lot of books will be helpful for them, but you also see how much time you waste when you sit to read the same content from a lot of books. So I say that you focus on one book, it will be better, yes if you do not understand anything, then you can take help of another book.Because of studying with multiple books you will get confuse , because in every book author use their own word . so you will face lots of mismatch of understanding with the same topic so i recommend you follow maximum two or three books .

  • Make a Revision Dairy : What is meant by a revision notes diary. A revision notes diary is a small notes diary in which what notes will you make? Suppose you are reading physics, then you will note the formula of physics so that when your entire chapter is over, you revise the formula to revise the whole chapter. As if you are studying chemistry, then note the main question that you have. Whatever important topics, diagrams, formulas, etc. that you have to revise, note them in that diary. All those things that you know have been asked many times in this exam, you should note all the topics in that diary. And keep revising that content again and again.

  • Solve previous year question papers : While reading the science subject, keep in mind that board exam or any class exam has previous papers for all the five years of the exam. So you have to see in that how many questions have been asked from which chapter, which chapter is more important by exam point of view, you should focus on that chapter.

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How to study science book

If you want to read Science Books with Effective Way, then you have to take care of the following things
  • Start from fundamental of science
  • Do more and more experiment it will encourage you and it will also make science easy 
  • Do not sit for study while you are not feeling stress free 
  • Do not take too serious try to learn by fun 

What to do before coming to class

Whenever you are going to a science class, you should see what you should do before that.
  • Do definitely read the chapter which is going to be studied in your class today.
  • Note the topic that you did not understand in your home work diary.
  • Discuss that topic in class with your teacher.
  • Revise that chapter at home.
  • Whatever important topic is there, definitely write it in your revision diary.

Q. How should I prepare for science exam class 10 CBSE. which books are to be followed and what is the best reference book for it.please tell me

Answer: Best book for CBSE class 10th is NCERT because it is followed by board to prepare final paper you can choose any reference books that you want.

Q. How to learn science easily and how to solve the numerical ?
Answer: Follow the steps given and do daily more and more practice of numerical.It will help you to study science in effective way.

Q.How I get good number in science ?
It is very good question . I will say you in simple word that getting good marks in science is depends on the many factors like your knowledge about question , your writing skill , your diagram , your numerical problem solving skill etc. work on these and follow the given steps given . It will definitely help you to get good number in science.

Q. How to learn science easily ? 
  • Do not think science is tough 
  • Start with fundamental 
  • solve numerical on daily basis
  • take help of teacher 
  • Do not take stress

Q.How to learn science fast for exam?

I will recommend you to solve least 5 year previous year paper of your exam it will definitely help you to pass your exam with good marks.

Q How to study for science exam in one day?
 This is a common question asked by many engineering students , if you want to pass through your science paper after reading all through the night, then you will have to agree that if you read the 5 previous year papers well, you will clear your exam with a good number if you If you are preparing for a board exam then it will prove to be effective.


I hope this information about how to study science will help as a guide.This will be used to improve your study habits.It works very good for most classes, especially in case of science classes.


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