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Sensitive Drilling Machine Working Principle | Diagram and Parts |

Here, You will see about sensitive drilling machine and working principle of sensitive drilling machine and today i clear your all doubt about this topic so, Just start reading from with full concentration. All information you will get about sensitive drilling machine.

Sensitive Drilling Machine 

Most drilling work is carried out on column drilling machines, so-called because the machine elements are arranged in a vertical column. Machines in the heavy duty range are powered, driven from the motor through a gear box, and have a steel drilling capacity of up to 50 mm in diameter. The smaller sensitive machines, shown in the figure below, have manual feed, which gives you sensitivity, are belt driven from the motor via pulleys, and have a maximum drilling capacity in steel that varies from 5 mm to 25 mm diameter. These machines can be bench or floor mounted

Diagram and parts of sensitive drilling machine 

Diagram of sensitive drilling machine and parts of sensitive drilling machine are shown below:
sensitive drilling machine

  1. Base – Base is shown in figure which provides a solid foundation for the machine, into which the pillar is safely clamped with ground.
  2. Pillar – Pillar is provided in this drilling machine which provides a solid support for the drill head and worktable
  3. Worktable – The worktable provides a flat surface in correct alignment with the drilling axis on which the work-piece can be placed.Tee slots are provided for the clamping purposes. The table can be raised, lowered, rotated to the shaft and securely fastened to the desired position.
  4.  Motor – A motor provides transmission to the spindle through a five-step pulley system and a two-speed gearbox. Therefore, five pulley speeds with mesh A and B and five with mesh C and D give a 10 spindle speed range from 80 to 4000 rev / min..
  5. Handwheel – Hand Wheel is provided for feed to the drill by means of a rack and pinion on the quill.
  6. Quill –The quill is the housing in which the spindle rotates. Longitudinal movement is transmitted only by the quill, which does not rotate itself.
  7. Spindle – The spindle of sensitive drilling machine provides the means to locate, clamp and drive the cutting tools and gets its momentum through the pulley.
  8. Depth stop – It Provides a means of drilling a number of holes to a constant depth
  9. Stop/start –  The machine shown in the given figure is powered by a start button covered with a cover plate that can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access. A mushroom-head stop button is located on the starter, and the machine can also be turned off with the emergency stop switch on the front of the base. A safety switch is also incorporated under the belt guard and automatically stops the shaft if the guard is raised while the machine is running. 

drill machine drive system

Working of sensitive drilling machine

We already know about sensitive drill machine parts now we will see about how sensitive drill machine work or what is the principle of  this drill machine.


As shown in given figure base is provided to support the drilling machine, on the base a pillar is provided on which work table is fitted which is adjustable ( You can adjust as per your requirement).
On the upper section a separate motor is provided which is connected through the spindle of drill bit and motor is connected to the switch. Hand wheel is used for press and remove the drill .


The rotating bit of drill exerts a large force on the work-piece and the hole is generated and the process of removal of metals is by sharing and extrusion process. 


The information is provided about sensitive drilling machine is based on my research and knowledge. Which will help you to know about principle and working of sensitive drilling machine. If you have any question related to this topic you can ask with us by just commenting below.


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